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Be prepared for Storm Season

Resmed or Respironics Battery

Storms can cause power outages leaving you without a way to power your PAP device at night. This can wreak havoc on your sleep. Be prepared for storm season and power outages with a battery for your PAP device. The ResMed S9 Series machines can be powered using the ResMed Power Station (RPS) II. For Respironics the Universal Battery Pack can power the Respironics System One Series machines.

The ResMed RPS II battery and the Respironics Universal Battery can help power your device for a good nights sleep. Both batteries are rechargeable so you can charge it during the day and use them at night. If the power goes out its important that you have an alternative power source (i.e., generator) to help recharge the battery for reuse. Otherwise you will not be able to use the battery if its not fully charged.

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ResMed - S9 Series Machines


Respironics - System One Machines
pri system one.jpg
ResMed - RPS II Battery
resmed battery.jpg

Respironics - Universal Battery
resp battery.jpg

Please click on the image of your PAP device for the appropriate battery. Your PAP device will not work a different manufacturers battery. Since the battery is an accessory a prescription (Rx) is NOT required!

If your machine is not shown here then try the Transcend the world's smallest, lightest and most portable CPAP system! The Transcend has an overnight and a multi-night battery. It can also be powered using a solar charger! Click here for more information.

*For cash sale only - the battery & accessories are not billable through insurance.
*All items sold are not refundable.
*PAP units are sold separately.

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