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Oxygen Set Up Process

For Commercial Insurance
  1. A prescription (Rx) must be submitted to us.
  2. We will also need patient demographics and insurance information.
  3. Then verification of insurance will be done, and the requested documents will be submitted if required with your insurance.
  4. If your insurance doesn’t cover for all your oxygen supplies then you will be contacted with the remaining balance.
  5. We will then schedule an appointment for pick up/delivery.

*Medicare patients can use the link below find the nearest provider for oxygen:http://www.dmecompetitivebid.com/palmetto/cbic.nsf/DocsCat/Home

Downloadable Patient Forms

To quicken the process we have provided downloadable patient forms. All prescriptions over a year old are invalid. Click to down form.

***Patient documents can be faxed to our customer service fax number: 1-877-320-3556.***

Oxygen Concentrator Manuals

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