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There are three different ways to get oxygen. You can get oxygen using an oxygen tank, oxygen concentrator or liquid oxygen.

Oxygen Tanks
An oxygen tank is a heavy metal tank that keeps the oxygen under pressure. We have the three main models or sizes of cylinders (M6, M9, E) that you can use for your respiratory therapy. Our portable oxygen tanks can be used anywhere: at home or in the office, in the car or on the couch. The smaller oxygen cylinders like the M6 and M9 are smaller and lighter so you can carry it around in a oxygen carrying bag. However, they don’t hold as much oxygen as an E tank. You can travel around with the E cylinder using an E cart which has wheels with no trouble. These tanks make your home oxygen therapy easy and convenient. The tanks will come with a flow meter which will control the rate (how fast) the oxygen comes out of the tank. That regulator will connect to an oxygen cannula or oxygen mask which you will use to breathe in the oxygen.

Oxygen Concentrators
There are a wide variety of different oxygen concentrators and they are all either stationary concentrators or portable concentrators. Portable oxygen concentrators vary based on size, weight, pressure continues or pulse and the type of oxygen therapy your doctor has prescribed. Oxygen concentrators extract and release nitrogen from the air resulting in a higher concentration of pure oxygen, which is variable depending on the prescribed dosage. An oxygen concentrator is a safer, less expensive, and more convenient alternative to oxygen tanks. We carry both home oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators. Pulse dose delivery and continuous flow delivery systems are available in certain models. Our customer service agents are available to help you select the oxygen concentrator that's right for you based on your prescription.

stationary o2 con.bmp
A) Home O2 Concentrators
Home oxygen concentrators are big, bulky, stationary, as opposed to the smaller, lighter portable oxygen concentrators. Home oxygen contentrators are solely intended for use inside the home and are not designed to be fully mobile. Home oxygen concentrators provide oxygen therapy to patients with a quiet, durable, and reliable source of medical grade oxygen in the comfort of their own home. They are bigger and heavier than portable oxygen concentrators. Home oxygen concentrators are fully powered from a wall outlet so there are no batteries to charge or replace. Home oxygen concentrators greatly reduce the dangers associated with immobile oxygen tanks. The units we carry are equipped with wheels so they can be moved from one room to another with ease. Our customer service representatives can help you find the home oxygen concentrator that fits your needs.

B) Portable O2 Concentrators
The intended use of a portable oxygen concentrator is slightly different than that of a home oxygen concentrator. A portable oxygen concentrator is typically intended for short-term usage outside of the home in lieu of a portable oxygen tank. Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be much smaller and lighter than a stationary oxygen concentrator. Most portable oxygen concentrators weigh around 5 pounds with one battery, but there are both lighter and more substantial models available. Portable oxygen concentrators are also different from home oxygen concentrators because they can run solely off of battery power, or can provide oxygen when plugged into a wall outlet or a DC converter for use and charging while driving in a car. We carry a number of different portable concentrators for you to choose from. We carry FAA-approved portable concentrators for use in airline travel. But you may need to contact your airline before you travel to obtain their policy and make arrangements for any special accommodations.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid oxygen is kept very cold in an insulated container. The oxygen is warmed before you breathe it in. We do not carry liquid oxygen.

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