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I am writing to advise you of my outstanding experience with your group located in Cary, NC. I travel internationally and carry my CPAP unit everywhere I go. During a business trip to NC last week I discovered that I had left my CPAP headgear and air hose at home. I desperately searched for a CPAP supply house to purchase the equipment needed. Via the internet, I was fortunate to find Monitor Medical in Cary, NC. I have never been treated with more attention, courtesy and respect in my life! I am extremely grateful to Monitor Medical. Congratulations on a job well done and for your dedication to those who suffer sleep apnea. Kevin

I lost lots of weight and I am now more physically active. I no longer use a CPAP and in fact I donated all my equipment and extra supplies to my physician who works with uninsured people through a church. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you guys for the excellent service and I would be happy to refer anybody who happens to need a CPAP to you. Roger

This message is to advise you of the outstanding service I received from your staff at the Kirwood Rd location. Desire and Shirly were especially professional. Desire is very knowledgeable of the equipment and Shirley represented you company in a very professional manner. Kudos go to your professional staff. Brenda

I wanted to communicate to Lisa Morales how satisfied I am with my C-PAP machine, its the best sleep I have had in years. I now sleep straight through the night without waking up 10 to 12 times a night. I also suffer with insomnia, but once I am asleep I stay asleep. Thanks so much for your good and helpful business dealing. TD

Arthur is very attentive to your needs. He is thorough and effective in listening to make sure you receive the appropriate information and that you have an understanding. Very personable.

I have received the utmost care and support from my Medical Monitor representative. Arthur has provided excellent attention to me as a patient. The initial order and supplies received in a timely manner. He again was tremendous in patient care when my CPAP stopped working. In less than 24 hours it was replaced! Excellent Service!

Lori is very knowledgeable in this field and had all the answers to my questions everything was so smooth from the time I came in with a question about different machines and pricing with the girls behind the counter to setting me with an appointment setting me up and making sure I understood how to use and care for the equipment and different options I had for masks and all I don't know it could be improved in my opinion.

Toni assists me to fill all my supply requirements. I appreciate her help and professionalism

Mariana Smith: It was a pleasant experience. My insurance was processed and then everything worked out

Mrs. Aulett was very helpful and should be commended for her service. She was very patient with me as it took a long time to get all the information/documentation needed from my doctor and my previous supplier. Thank you.

"Lori is awesome! I wouldnt go anywhere else." L.G. (Bakersfield)

"Thanks for quality service. Life is great w/ my bipap." W.P. (Bakersfield)

"I appreciate Lisa's attention and responses to questions I have had. Lisa is very pleasant and a great help with keeping my supply needs. Thank you M.D. (Texas)

"I use this machine every minute I'm in bed." J.B. (Texas)

"I really like my cpap machine. I have a good nights sleep, thats really important to me. I feel so rested the next day with plenty of energy." C.G. (North Carolina)

"Monitor Medical staff is very pleasant to talk with and very friendly." A.S. (North Carolina)

"I use Lori in Bakersfield, CA when I recently moved from and have always recieved excellent help and assistance in finding equipment that will work well for me. She also has been great in helping me adjust the equipment and opening up time for me to see her." L.M.

"My medical representative made me feel as if I really could accomplish my goals with this machine. Please send my deepest thanks."

"Stan Palmer has been a great help. He has been my customer service representative for over 10 years and has helped me every time I had a problem. Each time, his suggestions have helped. The new mask is wonderful! Jason fitted the mask and it is a great improvement. They will do Monitor Medical proud! They are wonderful part of my being able to understand the importance of CPAP therapy."

"I appreciate Lisa very much. If I have questions, she is always very helpful and kinda. I thank Monitor Medical and Lisa very much."

"My experience with Ross Riggs has been the most enjoyable and stress-free of my entire medical history. He was so competent, polite and efficient. He completed my new account setup, reviewed my supply needs and had the order shipped in record time. He is to be commended."

"Monitor Medical's customer service representatives are excellent in the knowledge, competency and concern for the customer."

"Carlos Ibarra has been a great deal of help to me. Thank you!"

"I work with many patients who are on CPAP or BiPAP. It seems to me none are as good as Monitor Medical. Dominique and Dianne are the best! I would proudly be a representative and advocate for this company."

"The quality of care, compassion, and concern at the Wortham office is excellent. I am very pleased with Gwenda."

"Kenneth Robinson was very nice and knowledgeable about the product he was delivering. He made sure I understood everything I needed to know and answered all of my questions. That makes me look forward to our business relationship to follow. Thanks."

"Jason is very knowledgeable and professional. He is one of the nicest people we have ever done business with. Very helpful and patient. He is very good at his profession!"

"I love the way my supplies are handled!"

"Best service ever. Prompt, reliable, caring, service oriented. Dominique is great."

"Melissa in Ohio has been excellent. I have been hard to fit and she has been very helpful."

"Monitor Medical staff - very professional and informative."

"Love that Monitor Medical calls to remind me when time to reorder. Very professional. Fast service."

"I feel so much better during the day. I am not tired all the time anymore. I can make my day useful again. Kenneth Robinson explained everything well. He's a very well-mannered, young man."

"I do appreciate your services."

"Patty was very nice and friendly. She explained how to use the CPAP/BiPAP machine and how to take care of it. She told me to call her anytime when I needed help. Thank you."

"I am new to Monitor Medical and I am so impressed with your customer service. I particularly want to mention Casey in Dallas and Toni in Houston. They are both gems. Please thank them for me. I am definitely a satisfied customer."

"We are deeply pleased on the way the company helps me with my CPAP and supplies."

"Ms. Casey Burgamy is an excellent customer service representative. She has been extremely helpful and is very dedicated to getting things right. Also, she seems to be a very pleasant person with a good, professional phone manner."

"I am so glad that I am finally able to get a good night's sleep. Thank you so much to everyone involved!"

"Christina Lovan has been teriffic to deal with. She has been extremely helpful, knows the product and company well, clearly appears to enjoy her job, and has a great customer relations personality."

"Cherice - I appreciate your promptness in filling orders and your polite, friendly manner."

"Ross is a delight to work with compared to my last experience at another company."

"Gwenda Brown is very helpful. She recently sent Diane to adjust the pressures on the CPAP and to explain how it works. Diane was excellent."

"I couldn't have any other service as good as you all are. Thank you!"

"Thanks for working with me and being there for me."

"We just wanted to thank Ty and Marie at your Austin office. Our insurance was changing and we needed a C-PAP just days from the receipt of the request. They stayed on top of our insurance company and updated me daily. We were able to get the machine before our benefits expired, and can't thank them enough. They were both thoughtful, professional and polite. A rare find in customer service these days."

"Jason Joseph, Adriana Mireles, and Stan Palmer act as if you(the patient)are the reason for their job! Outstanding service. I saw the Webster office one day and the next day supplies were at my door. I can't ask for any better. THANKS great team!!"

"Best experience ever since first having treatment for OSA"

"The Austin office is top notch!"

"Many thanks to Lisa for calling and reminding me that I needed replacement items."

"We have been to the Medical Center office. Adrianna is very knowledgable and caring about getting the proper fit. She also has a good personality and we like her services very much!"

"Due to my many health issues, I have dealt with numerous healthcare/medical companies, employees, doctors, equipment, etc. I must tell you that Monitor Medical is by far the most professional, diligent and easy to work with of them all. The equipment is top notch and the staff (Roxanne, an incredibly helpful, kind and efficient customer service representative, and others at the Kirkwood location) is the most attentive, welcoming, caring and kindest I've encountered in my six years of obtaining medical care in Houston. Thank you!"

"Thank you for the speedy response on my request for a refill for my PAP unit. Monitor Medical, you are at the top in my book. I would recommend you to all who need PAP therapy."

"I have never had better care than at Monitor Medical."

"The California office's staff is great! They are friendly, helpful, and very competent. It is a pleasure doing business with them."

"I went with Monitor Medical because of my father's experience with Stan. Thank you."

"I have a couple of friends who are interested in switching suppliers and I told them about Stacey. My friend is very impressed that Stacey notifies me when things are needed and are readily available. Her husband works with me in The Woodlands. I'll provide an email address and want Stacey to contact them ASAP. They have both been on CPAP for quite a while. Thanks."

"Roxanne has been very helpful to make me understand my C-PAP machine and helping me find the right mask. She always explains things and evers writes things down for me, which is very helpful. She checks on my progress and supplies too."

I just wanted to pass along my thanks for you taking the extra time to help me out yesterday evening. I was not informed by my doctor that I needed to make an appointment with your company, so I had just decided to stop by your facility. I was very impressed with your willingness to work after hours to accommodate me as I am sure you were tired from the long day and were looking forward to going home and seeing your family.

I could not find an email address on your company's website where I could pass along my thanks, but I would encourage you to pass this message along to your manager as I feel they should be aware of your dedication to their customers."

"My husband loves his Resmed S9 Auto! And, so do I because it is so much quieter! What a difference this makes….he uses it all night long. Thanks for helping him get this particular unit!"

"Lori has always been responsive and timely."

"Prompt replacement service and accurate orders. Love the phone-in order system. Can't imagine the service being better."

"Marian Johnson was very polite and helpful."

"Roxanne is a very knowledgeable and efficient customer service representative. She has a caring personality and has a way of making the customer order process easy and convienent. Thank you Roxanne for your services."

"Mr. Webb,
I want to bring to your attention the good experience I've had in the past with Casey Burgamy in the Plano office. My CPAP supplies ebb and flow based on if I meet my insurance deductible each year and I don't think I reached it last year but I did need parts (and a mask) last October and Casey quoted me a price and when I arrived someone else there at Monitor at the window assured me there was a mistake in the price and that it was in fact about $20.00 higher than the quoted price. The problem was quickly and smoothly solved when I asked for Casey by name and she came up and handled everything quickly and smoothly. I have not been able afford to buy any replacement mask or parts since then.

My insurance plan runs June 1 to June 1 and unfortunately (I guess) I met my $1000.00 deductible within the first 30 days of June and called Casey to check on my deductible and qualifications for new CPAP supplies. She found that even though I had met my deductible it was not yet showing up and I could not yet qualify for insurance coverage. I thought fine I'll check on it next month but I recieved a call at my office earlier this week from Casey who took it upon herself to follow up and call my insurance company and found that it now was in the system correctly and she could proceed with the new mask and parts. That she would do this without me asking was a pleasant surprise. I received the much needed supplies in 2 days with a note from Casey telling me that she will follow up quarterly (as my insurance provides) for more supplies. I have already thanked her and feel like someone needs to know that they have a good employee. Thank You."
C. B.

"Stacy was unbelievablly professional, knowledgeable, and personal. A+ for customer service. My supplies were here a few days after being ordered. Do whatever you need to do to retain her."

"Dominique is very customer service oriented. Her dedication and swift response helped me get everything I needed ASAP."

"Ross was an excellent and knowledgeable representative."

"What a pleasure dealing with Monitor Medical! They are responsive and caring."

"I have been doing business with you for 5+ years. I get stuff in person and I get stuff by mail. I was in your office today and was afforded the opportunity to ask Adriana if she had ever gotten compliments from the surveys that I filled out. She said no. We, consumers, never miss the opportunity to complain. I have tried to make it a point to compliment when I have been treated well. Please pass on to the entire staff at Old Galveston Road, my sincere appreciation for them individually and all the work that they do for the cpap wearers of the area. Adrianna went out of her way today and saw me an hour before my scheduled appointment. I have yet to deal with the other lady, yet under the fearless leadership of Adrianna, I have no doubt that it will be great. That kind of ownership in employees cannot be bought. It will flourish with timely compliments. They have earned this compliment. I think you should take them out to lunch. Thanks!"

"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your employee Cherice when I came in for an adjustment on my C-PAP machine recently. No one has ever explained to me before the advantage of changing tubing and masks frequently like she did. I hesitated to do so before because I felt I was taking advantage of my insurance company and contributing to higher premiums. Despite my hesitance and my strong personality, she got the information out to me and that rational approach convinced me because it is going to help my health."

"After 19,500 hours of sleeping with my old Respironics CPAP with a soft gel nasal mask, now for two weeks I have had my new ResMed VPAP with Swift LT nasal pillows supplied by Monitor Medical and I am SLEEPING EVEN BETTER AND LONGER with it! Thanks!"

"I wanted to share how impressed my husband and I are with Jason's professional services. He is such a sincere person wanting to help us make sure my husbands CPAP program is successful and he has such compassion for his clients. I feel he will always be there to help us for his visit with us was so informative and made us feel that Roger will be able to overcome any problems he will experience. Please know that we are so happy that Jason is taking care of my husband. Thank you for having Jason as one of your valuable employees."
C. T.

"After only two weeks of experience with Monitor Medical, I am highly satisfied. It appears that Monitor Medical service is going to be far superior to that of the previous company which supplied my old Respironics CPAP supplies."

"I strongly recommend Jason to others who need this service. I was a little embarrassed of the situation but he made me feel at ease."

"Farah - I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you checking up on me, to see if I needed new supplies, and for taking care of the insurance. I hadn't realized just how much my mask had deteriorated, until you sent the new ones. I could definitely tell a big difference. After the first night I felt a lot more rested and had more energy when I woke up. Farah, I just wanted to say that it is competent people like you who make the world a better place to live! I hope you have a good week and feel free to check on me again. Thanks again!

"Mr. Webb, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the wonderful service provided to me by your employees. I was in the hospital when the mask to my CPAP machine was broken. I had been kept an extra day due to breathing problems and I needed the mask to help me. The hospital could not/would not tell me what a new mask would cost and since I was a private pay patient I knew my insurance would not cover it. I contacted the office (which I could see from my hospital window) at about 3:45 p.m. to see if I could get a new mask. Leslie told me that I needed a new prescription to get a new mask, so I called my doctor's office to see what could be done. They needed more information, so I called Leslie back and asked her to call and speak with the receptionist. She did, but then she called me back to tell me that she did not think my doctor's office would have the prescription there before 5:00 p.m. I realized I could call my surgeon and I did so. A few minutes before 5:00 p.m., my surgeon's office sent over the new prescription. Leslie called and asked for my room number and said Daniel would be right over with it. At about 5:15 p.m., he came by the hospital with my new mask and everything I needed. I was very grateful and asked if I could get the boss's contact information so I could let you know how they went above and beyond. I am sorry it took so long for me to write, but my recovery has not been pleasant. I am just glad to know that I have a wonderful supply company I can count on when I need them the most. Thank you."

"I definitely know that I could not achieve proper sustained rest for my body/mind without the use of my CPAP. It has changed my life as well as that of my wife due to my snoring."

"Stan has been great. The personal attention is appreciated."

"Stan is very kind. He makes me feel like I could be a family member. He treats me very, very well. Thanks, Stan."

"Beverly understands your products. She is very courteous and gets supplies to me quickly."

"Tracey at the Woodlands office is the absolute best! She's professional, kind, sincere, funny, and treats me really well, not only as a PT, but as a human being. She is a valuable employee; you should give her a raise. She took her time with me and made sure I felt comfortable with my machine and answered all of my questions. Excellent service!"

"The difference between sleeping with a CPAP and without is obvious in the way I feel during the day. The staff at Monitor Medical takes care of my every need."

"The CPAP has totally changed the way I feel after a good night sleep. I have much more energy."

"I am well pleased with the Monitor Medical staff and equipment. Everyone has been courteous to me, and very helpful with any questions or problems I may have. I feel like this CPAP helps me to be alert and stay awake at my job. I am resting better at night. Thanks."

"The overnight service was excellent. Thanks."

"I like how Monitor Medical keeps me informed of my equipment replacement schedule, allows me to try out new equipment, and keeps me informed of the out-of-pocket amount I am responsible for. Thank you."

"I like the convenience of ordering via email and receiving the order promptly."

"Rick the customer service rep was courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. He was a pleasure to deal with."

"My experience with Monitor Medical has been a pleasant one."

"I appreciate the proactive service provided by the staff. They are always friendly and very professional."

"Very nice. Excellent service. Thank you."

"My rep was very informative, kind, and prompt. She is an excellent representative for your company. It was nice to have someone of her ability to get me started with a new product."

"Made it simple."

"Very professional and courteous service."
B S.

"Very satisfied."

"My rep - Stacey, whom I believe is out of Houston is doing a great so far as for keeping in touch about keeping my supplies replenished that I'm authorized to receive each month via my Tricare insurance. She has been consistent. And yes....with CPAP, I sleep like a baby!!!! My wife is even jealous of how well I sleep. Put the CPAP and it's off Deep sleep land."

"Excellent service all the way around!!"

"Very knowledgeable and courteous."

"Great experience!"

"Karen was very patient in fitting me and explaining the usage; she is a wonderful person. Thank you for sending her."

"I almost mailed you the day after I picked up my new mask. I had such a good night's sleep. I thought I would wait to see if I was just lucky or if the mask made a difference. The mask, along with your help, made the difference. Thank you."

"Thank you for your time yesterday and your great amount of patience. I sent a card to your boss. I told him that Mary was marvelous—how extremely knowledgeable, patient, etc. she is! I told him that she is a great representative for their company. And, I also told him she deserves a raise because she is the best!"

"All three employees at Monitor Medical in California took some time to answer my questions. They were caring, thorough, and very knowledgeable."

"I feel that it is essential for any kind of rest" D.H.

"I sleep longer without waking up (all night!) and feel so much better during the day. Thanks so much for all the help and support!" F.H.

"I am very satisfied with Monitor Medical Inc. Customer Service. I have had several occasions to call for supplies. Your representattives Sylvia V. and Dianne N. were very helpful, patient and friendly." M.B.

"My husband states that I no longer snore and do not toss and turn anymore. Thank you so much. I feel much better." L.B.

"Thank you for being proactive with my care." K.R.

"All the people I have had contact with from the beginning to the end have been friendly, patient and helpful. It is so important when a client is elderly and afraid to have this kind of help. My thanks to all." M.G.

"Explained replacement equipment very well which was not done by previous supplier! Very willing to get needed paperwork from MD and efficiently filled order after receiving it from MD. Appreciate the good work!" J.B.

"Thank you for helping me sleep better than before. I sincerely appreciate you all. Thanks a lot." D.T.

"Monitor Medical has the best service. I really like my new machine." D.A.

"Very helpful & excellent service kind and polite." J.J.

"Always professional" A.M.

"Good! Oustanding customer relations" K.C.

"Everyone has been very nice and helpful" S.D.

"I feel the Cpap has saved my life and has given me a much higher quality of life. I feel rested after just 6-7 hours of slep with the Cpap." J.S.

"Great service" M.F.

"Stan and Monitor Medical are great!" J.H.

"Thanks for all your help. It was great." W.M.

"All the customer service have been excellent. Thanks so much." L.S.

"While I was travling I noticed my tubing was crimpted and I needed it replaced. I called them and I received it in 2days. Great service" M.M.

"The staff in the San Antonio.. Have all been friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you all" J.M.

"Always have good response for Stan. Thanks a million" R.S.

"Monitor Medical is the best - no doubt" J.W.

"This is my second machine through Monitor Medical. I return to my doctor annually and am extremely pleased with the service/ receive from Roxanne K. at Monitor Medical. " T.O.

"Stan P. is always helpful & through in meeting my needs." R.W.

"Appreciate the follow up and the reminders" E.M.

"Since I have had my machine, I sleep better and I am not as tired in the mornings as I was before I got my machine." C.B.

"Excellent service plus an excellent customer service representative Arthur J." W.D.

"Product & service excellent" R.D.

"They are (the) best" L.G.

"Roxanne K. has a very good attitude and her follow through is excellent. She is a winner!" M.C.

"I am a new customer and so far I am very pleased." R.B.

"Roxanne is an excellent CSR I do not care to deal with anyone else but her. She is always contacting me in time before my last month is out of supplies. I can counter on her everytime." M.H.

"My rep is Stan. The most helpful courtious and caring person. An excellent representation of Monitor Medical regard him very highly." C.G.

"Cpap works well for me use it every night for years." R.J.

"Excellent machine, worked great!" R.L.

"I love my cpap." B.H.

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