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Alternative Power Options

These alternative power options give you the freedom and mobility to travel to your favorite places. Most importantly a battery with your PAP device gives you peace of mind during storms and power outages so you can sleep peacefully. With a DC Adapter you can go camping or enjoy a nice road trip.

DC Power Options

Direct current (DC) power is the type of electricity used in automobile where power is delivered from a battery ie., car battery. CPAP battery packs require a DC power adapter to convert your machine from the AC power plug to a DC power plug (a plug that fits into the cigarette lighter or power source of your car), but there are ways to power your CPAP directly using a DC adapter alone. Long distance truck drivers, campers and those who travel in RVs may be able to use a DC power adapter to connect their CPAP directly to a power source within their vehicle. Here are a few DC power cables available:

Shielded DC Cord

*You should take caution because this method will drain your vehicles battery which can leave you stranded. Consider taking another battery or two depending on the length of your trip.

PAP Battery Packs

These batteries are rechargeable so you can charge it during the day and use them at night. If the power goes out its important that you have an alternative power source (i.e., generator) to help recharge the battery for reuse. Otherwise you will not be able to use the battery if its not fully charged.


Here are a few different battery pack options currently available:

  • ResMed Battery Pack – Currently the smallest, lightest battery pack available. For ResMed products only.
  • Respironics Battery Pack – This battery pack can be used with most Respironics machines, as long as the appropriate DC adapter is purchased. For Respironics products only.

Travel CPAP Machines

Travel CPAP Machines have become more popular recently since they are smaller, lighter and allow patients to travel with battery pack. These machines generally include an optional battery pack that’s designed for and integrates with the travel unit.


  • Transcend - These small, lightweight portable CPAP devices are about the size of a soda can and have portable battery options the size of a deck of cards for easy packing. It can also be ordered with a DC Mobile adapter or a portable solar charger.

Click for tips about Traveling With Your Device. Regardless of which alternative power option you choose, it’s always important to use your CPAP every night to continue your sleep therapy. It’s always nice to be well-refreshed in the morning (especially when traveling!), but, more importantly, it’s unsafe for sleep apnea sufferers to forego the CPAP, even just for one night.

*Heated humidifiers should not be used with battery power since it will drain the battery much faster.
*For cash sale only - the battery & accessories are not billable through insurance.
*All items sold are not refundable.
*PAP units are sold separately.

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