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Tube Cleaning Hanger
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CPAP Tube Cleaning & Hanging System
This retail packaged cleaning system conveniently cleans almost any length CPAP tube without a hassle or mess. After cleaning, patients can easily hang the system out of the way with the hook or suction attachments.
  • Hook attachment for hanging anywhere Suction attachments for securing to any smooth surface
  • Cleans, Soaks & Dries with no mess
  • Easy clean-up & Convenient storage
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Easy tube cleaning in three steps!
1) Fill tube with a cleaning solution, attach the end caps & agitate to CLEAN.
2) Hang the tube to SOAK.
3) Remove the end caps, empty the cleaning solution & invert the tube to DRY, while hanging from your chosen surface.
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*Not billable through insurance - for cash sale only.

*This item is non-returnable.

*Sale for June 2016 only.

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